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How to clean your central air conditioner drain tube


Any home that has a central air conditioner unit installed has a condensate drain line.  Air conditioning units produce one natural by-product, Water!  The warmer air from your home, meets the colder surface of the evaporator coil and naturally, condensation occurs.  The water from your AC unit runs down the sides of the coil and collects inside the condensate pan, eventually reaching the condensate drain and flowing off to the drain method your installer chose during installation.  If the drain line becomes clogged, there is no place for the excess water to go. This leaves your home opened to water damage.  

There can be a variety of drain set ups depending on the size, set-up and location of your central A/C system, so you will need to locate the drain on your system.

Regular care and maintenance of your air conditioning unit are important to keep it operating properly.  A/C drain tubes should be cleaned once a year to keep it free of algae and clogs.

We have produced a do-it-yourself video showing you how to clean you’re A/C drain tube.  Click Here to view the video.