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Steam Heating Service Checklist

February 15th, 2012

Many homeowners still utilize steam radiator heating in their homes, which have their own set of items that need to be checked. Here’s a short list of items you as a homeowner can check on your own to ensure your steam heating system works as efficiently as possible.

• Maintain records.
• Check all flue pipes and vents for leaks, rust and loose connections.
• Check the system for any noticeable and visible leaks
• Check the steam gauge. You should have, if you haven’t already, get your contractor to mark the normal range.
• Check the water level every month. The normal range should be marked on a sight glass.
• Make sure the radiators slope slightly toward the steam inlet pipe. This will help keep the pipe from knocking or pounding.
• Make sure the vents on the radiators are operating; otherwise, radiators may be cold.

Note: Turn off power to the unit before inspection or maintenance.
If you experience any issues or problems that you cannot correct or repair on your own call a qualified contractor to come out and service your steam heating system.