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Benefit of Trenchless Pipe Replacement or repair

June 16th, 2011

Trenchless Pipe Replacement” can be observed as an unknown term to most people, though it can also be referred to as “pipe breaking” or a “No dig” job.  Within using the Trenchless technique, the operation is simple, requiring relatively few steps to complete the process.  The trenchless method installs the new pipe by pulling it through the old existing pipe all at the same time, even if the existing pipe seems to be collapsed or severely damaged. This trenchless technology is executed with the use of a powerful pulling machine that is located particularly at the destination point of the pipe. Read more…

Plumbing Repairs Arlington Virginia – Pipe-Bursting

September 1st, 2010

Plumbing repairs can fall into a variety of categories – if you are referring too water main or sewer line replacement this was traditionally associated with larger costs and property excavation. But low and behold because of technology advancements, happy home-owner’s all over the country are rejoicing because this plumbing repair will be considerably less traumatic than in the past. So residents needing plumbing repairs in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax – well all of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC can feel more at ease when needing a water main or sewer line replaced. Read more…