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John C. Flood – iPad Giveaway


At John C. Flood we are having a contest where we are giving away an Apple iPad. Your chances are good since we are only accepting 2,000 registrations online.

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John C Flood – Green Home Winterizing Tips


John C Flood Energy efficient and green methods of winterizing your home. Consider using green alternatives to traditional insulation. There are several options including cellulose and spray foam. Plant evergreens close to your home and consider planting a windbreak on your property. A windbreak can save up to 30% in energy costs. Your attached garage […]

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When in need of repairs to your HVAC in DC metro you have many options. Deciding on which service provider is the most difficult decision because of the all the different companies to chose from. To help with this decision below are a few things that can be used to accurately compare them to each […]

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Frozen pipes? Tips and Tricks on How to Avoid


The blistering winter cold can wreak havoc in many ways during the winter season. Frozen pipes in your home and the potential they may burst is one of the more damaging and costly. There are some measures and pre-cautions you can take to eliminate or greatly reduce the potential for pipes to freeze and burst. […]

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Plumbing from Clean Water to Sewer


Your homes plumbing from clean water to sewer is the home owner’s responsibility from the water meter all the way to the access portal of the local sewer system. Anywhere on the path is the financial responsibility of the home owner for all repairs and maintenance. For newer homes there is less maintenance and worries […]

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Furnace Installation and Repair


When it comes to furnace install and repair, experience should be the main factor when choosing the right contractor. This is a major undertaking that only a qualified technician or technicians should undertake because of the complexity of the appliance. This is not like installing a refrigerator where all the delivery person has to do […]

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Heat Pump Savings


For each home the heat pump savings will vary, but it will occur. This is due to the fact that heat pumps are more efficient that gas and oil burning furnaces in converting the energy input into heat. There is also the additional advantage of the heat pump working as an air conditioner so you […]

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Home Heating Systems keep us warm – but not all of us are that fortunate


We are all quick to scramble and locate a heating contractor and get them to your home ASAP to repair your heating system. It’s during these extremely cold winters you want to ensure your family is comfortable.  What we don’t often do is remember the more than 12,000 men, women and children who are homeless […]

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Geothermal Heat Pump: More Reasons to consider


The geothermal heat pump has become the heating and cooling unit of choice by many homeowners. The leading reasons are to save money and reduce their impact on the world around them while still remaining comfortable inside their homes. The money saving features of this heating and air conditioning unit comes from the lower monthly […]

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Professional Plumber in DC


When you are in need of an experienced plumber in DC, time is usually of the essence. Searching thru all the possible candidates is a time consuming process and most are not willing to do this. Most people consider experienced will relate this to how long a business and their workers have in this field. […]

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Air Heat Pump


The forced air heat pump has proven to be the energy and cost efficient means of maintaining the atmosphere in a household to the comfort level most people desire. This by no means was an accident. The engineers that developed this system had this goal in mind when these were developed in the early 1990s. […]

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Home Heating System Tuneup


A heating system tuneup for your home is just part of what should be on the schedule of every homeowner. As the seasons shift from mild fall weather to winter, we all shift from the Levi’s jackets to the heavier winter coats. This same type of shift is felt by our heating systems.After not being […]

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Whole house Powered Humidifier – Comfort and Energy Saving


With the winter season closing in fast many families have already started firing up their heating systems, which keeps your family warm, but it also dries out the air in your home. The average person breathes 3400 gallons (12,870 liters) of air each day and spends 90% of that day inside. The amount of time […]

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John C Flood – 100 Plus Years of Serving Washington DC Area


John C. Flood (or J. C. Flood & Co) has been around for a long time, over 100 years of serving the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas with plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, water mains, sewer, and bath remodeling services. John C Flood (yes, that was indeed his name) started the business in […]

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Energy Efficiency – Play an Active Role


The term energy efficiency as related to your home is more than just purchasing the latest appliances that say they use less energy. To truly have an energy efficient home, as the home owner you must be actively involved in conserving energy. One of the easiest and least costly ways is to do the little […]

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