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Cold Weather Tips for You and Your Home


With the temperatures in the Metro Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas expected to drop to the single digits this evening and in the teens all day tomorrow many homes will be susceptible to issues in their homes due to the extreme cold weather. Here are some home heating and plumbing tips to follow to […]

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EPA Summer Cooling Tips

The EPA pulled together 7 tips to help keep you cool and your costs down during the summer months. 1. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, buy one. The savings tally to nearly $200.00 a year. This way, when you are out of the house, on vacation or sleeping, you can set your ‘stat […]

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Heat Stroke – Real Danger for the Elderly

The risk of heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion, increases with age, experts at the U.S. National Institute on Aging warn. As people get older they are less able to adapt to high temperatures, like those engulfing much of the Metro DC area now. As a result, the heat might exacerbate any […]

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What is a MERV rating and what does it mean?

What is a HVAC MERV rating and what does it mean? Minimum efficiency reporting value, commonly known as MERV rating is a measurement scale designed in 1987 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to rate the effectiveness of air filters. The scale “represents a quantum leap in the precision and […]

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Why you need to change your HVAC filter often and install it correctly.


Importance of changing your HVAC Filter Why should I change my HVAC Filter? Here is a perfect example of a homeowner not replacing their HVAC filter often enough and installing the filter incorrectly. As you can see this filter is almost entirely clogged with dust which makes your system run less efficiently and much harder. […]

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Is the person at your door really a service technician?

In lieu of recent events where someone was impersonating a service technician to gain access to a home and committing crimes we thought we should pass along some tips to help. There are some tips which can help reduce the risks of becoming a victim from criminals pretending to be service technician such as cable, […]

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Spring 2012 is tomorrow

Well, I am going to go ahead and say that Punxsutawney Phil may have thrown the wrong prediction on February 2, 2012 when he saw his shadow noting 6 more weeks of winter. The last few weeks have been anything but winter-like weather and with Spring officially starting tomorrow, March 20th that means it’s time […]

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Steam Heating Service Checklist

Many homeowners still utilize steam radiator heating in their homes, which have their own set of items that need to be checked. Here’s a short list of items you as a homeowner can check on your own to ensure your steam heating system works as efficiently as possible. • Maintain records. • Check all flue […]

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Warm Air Furnace – Heating System Homeowner Service Checklist

With the unusually warm winter we have been having it’s still very important to keep up with your homes heating system – because we are still in winter and it will get cold. Your heating system is like many items we take for granted every day, like our car, which we expect to start and […]

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HVAC Mold Issues – Helpful Info and Tips

We recently serviced a clients HVAC system and when we checked the evaporator coil and this is what we saw. (see fig 1) Now this customer has complained of feeling ill often, but did not consider the possibility the large amount of mold and mildew that had collected on the coil could be the culprit. […]

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Frozen Pipes Burst: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It.

No homeowner ever wants to discover a water pipe that has burst within their home. Broken or busted pipes cause leaking water that in many cases will do significant damage to the surrounding area effecting a home and most of the plumbing within it. The reason that many water pipes burst is due to both […]

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Booking your heating system inspections

Happy New Year to everyone from John C Flood. Just wanted to drop a note reminding everyone to book your heating system inspections as the cold weather starts to settle in the Metro DC area. It’s pretty typical during the unusually warm weather we have been having to assume all is well with your heating […]

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Fall Heat Pump Maintenance


Heat Pump’s, like central air conditioners, have an outdoor unit that contains a compressor, a coil, a fan, and other components.  To function properly, this unit should be kept free of debris such as leaves and dirt.  The unit should be level on its support pad, which is often concrete or heavy-duty plastic. Clean pine […]

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