Home Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

Plumbing Repair, heating & cooling (HVAC) and electrical services Energy Managment Plans (EMP’s) Choose your plan!

Option 1


Includes a 15% Discount on materials and labor plus 4 annual inspections (1 each) for AC/Heating/Plumbing/Electrical. NEVER PAY A DIAGNOSTIC FEE WITH THIS PLAN!

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Option 2


Includes a 10% Discount on materials and labor plus 3 annual inspections (1 each) for AC/Heating/Plumbing. NEVER PAY A DIAGNOSTIC FEE WITH THIS PLAN!

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Option 3


Includes a 5% Discount on materials and labor plus 2 annual inspections (1 each) for AC/Heating. (DIAGNOSTIC FEE APPLIES WITH THIS PLAN.)

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Option 4


Includes a 5% Discount on materials and labor plus 1 annual Boiler inspection. (DIAGNOSTIC FEE APPLIES WITH THIS PLAN.)

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Each plan includes

Customer is automatically enrolled in our full service “DIA” home inventory and service history program that details all costs, equipment and service notes on your home.

JCF will provide you with 24/7 self – help videos for those items you feel comfortable with installing yourself. We are also available by phone during normal working hours to guide you through any tricky questions or concerns regarding your equipment or installing your own part.

Customers receive an automatic 5% price discount on any quoted contract work.

Cancel any time with no penalty what so ever!

For any friend (New customer only) that you refer to us you will receive $25 dollars.

Some companies call them "service contracts" - we call them our EXCLUSIVE ENERGY SAVING MANAGEMENT PLANS. We think you'll call them "terrific," because they're designed to save you money throughout the seasons, as well as prevent untimely and costly breakdowns.

Covering heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical services, our Management Plans help ensure that you're achieving maximum comfort system efficiency while shielding you from expensive, out-of-pocket costs. Covering a multitude of parts as well as labor, they provide valuable protection of your home comfort system ... and peace of mind for you and your family.

Our Management Plans are affordably priced and renewable yearly. We offer different levels of service, from preventive maintenance to combination heating/hot water/air conditioning plans.

Most of all, our exclusive Management Plans can mean the difference between shivering in a cold house and relaxing in a warm one ... digging through your pockets for last-minute cash or sighing in relief that the work is covered.

An Energy Management Plan Made Simple

Use less energy every month ... and get a discount on every service!

You'll enjoy these "Preferred Customer Benefits"

  • Service call dispatch fee is waived - with Plans A&B
  • Priority scheduling on emergency calls

With our Energy Management Plan, your family will

  • Save on energy bills
  • Avoid "worst possible moment" breakdowns
  • Breathe cleaner air
  • Enjoy greater safety

Optional Add-On Items

  • Option 1 – Humidifier Service with replacing water panel – $65.00
  • Option 2 – Electronic Air Cleaner Service and Wash – $55.00
  • Option 3 – Media Filter Replacement (2x annually) – $115.00
  • Option 4 – Each additional system – $150.00
  • Option 5 – Water Heater Service (once annually) – $55.00

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Your Energy Savings Add Up!

Preventive maintenance lowers your energy consumption. Each service adds to overall high performance.

Service Energy Savings
Adjusting Operation & Sequence of Equipment 25-35%
Removing Scale from Condenser Coils 25-30%
Changing Dirty Air Filters 10-15%
Adjusting Air/Fuel Ratio of Burners 15%
Cleaning Burner Assembly 15%
Eliminating Belt Slippage, Poor Fan Motor Alignment 15-20%
Service Fan Motor 15-20%
Cleaning Coils 5-15%