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It’s easy to forget how much we rely on electricity. It’s usually not until we lose it that we realize how important it really is. When the power goes out in our homes, everything from staying warm to keeping clean can become a frustrating chore. That said, homeowners need to be certain that if they do lose electricity, they have someone they can count on to save the day.

For more than 100 years, John C. Flood, Inc. has been called on for the most reliable Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia electrical service and repairs. Our experienced technicians are ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if you’re left in the dark, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We do far more than just fix surprise electrical issues though. New homeowners, as well as those who are remodeling or renovating, often call upon our expertise as they make both small and large improvements to their houses – whether it be a new outlet in the living room or a high-tech hot tub in the bathroom. John C. Flood’s professional electricians can also install ceiling fans, specialty lighting fixtures and smoke detectors.

Residents are well aware of the tumultuous storms that can crush this particular part of the country, so it’s crucial that they have a dependable Virginia, Washington D.C., or Maryland electrical repair and service provider in mind before they need help.

And while we’ll always be there when you need us, it doesn’t hurt to think ahead. If you want to make sure your home isn’t left without power unexpectedly, John C. Flood’s knowledgeable technicians can even install backup generators.

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Among the many projects we can take on, our expertise includes work with:
♦ Attic and bath exhaust fans
♦ Backup generators
♦ Ceiling fans
♦ Dedicated circuits and sub panels
♦ Fixture replacement
♦ Fuse panel replacements
♦ GFCI receptacles
♦ Heavy ups/Panel changes
♦ Home inspection and corrections
♦ Hot tubs and saunas
♦ Lighting and lighting design
♦ Recessed lighting
♦ Remodeling and addition wiring
♦ Security lighting
♦ Short circuit repairs
♦ Smoke detectors
♦ Surge suppressors and lighting arrestors
♦ Troubleshooting
♦ All other electrical repairs and installations.

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CasablancaEnergy Star

"I am writing to commend Walter, an electrician who installed two bathroom exhaust vents for us. I have been trying for two weeks to find out what kind of vents the Alexandria inspector wanted and someone to install them. Walter looked over the job and when he came back to do it a day or so later he had the foresight to stop and get a 2nd vent despite arriving at 6: 15pm after a long day. It turns out that it was necessary, since the joist spacing did not allow one vent to service two exhausts. As a result he completed the job in one hour. He also had the presence of mind to have me take photos of the ducts and vents when the ceiling was open to show the inspector. Many times a customer's perception of a company comes from the people who directly service him. Walter definitely delivers on that end. He’s a good face in the field for John C. Flood."

Did you know?

Did You Know?

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