"I’ve had a very good experience with them. They’ve serviced my AC and boiler. The boiler required some repairs and they were able to come out quickly and get my heat back on. Jeff was a huge help."

"I wanted to express in writing my appreciation for the thorough review provided today by Raul on the two A/C systems I have under contract with you. He was clearly comprehensive in his check-up on my older (upstairs) unit and fully explained his recommendations to me. On one issue in particular, he pointed out that my compressor on that unit was not level and the problem that could cause. He then leveled the unit saving me that work. I found Raul to be polite, considerate and, most importantly, thorough in his servicing of my A/C systems. It’s service such as this that keeps me as a John C. Flood contract customer. Thank you."

"We have used JC Flood for all of our plumbing needs since our new home purchase in 2011and have been more than pleased with their service, responsiveness and prices. So when deciding to upgrade our master bathroom, they were the only company we considered. JC Flood transformed our bathroom from drab and outdated to bright and modern. We couldn't be happier...thanks JC Flood!"

"I am writing to commend Walter, an electrician who installed two bathroom exhaust vents for us. I have been trying for two weeks to find out what kind of vents the Alexandria inspector wanted and someone to install them. Walter looked over the job and when he came back to do it a day or so later he had the foresight to stop and get a 2nd vent despite arriving at 6: 15pm after a long day. It turns out that it was necessary, since the joist spacing did not allow one vent to service two exhausts. As a result he completed the job in one hour. He also had the presence of mind to have me take photos of the ducts and vents when the ceiling was open to show the inspector. Many times a customer's perception of a company comes from the people who directly service him. Walter definitely delivers on that end. He’s a good face in the field for John C. Flood."

"Some quick feedback based on another winning visit from Dale this morning: not only do I dig the "heads up" e-mail including the name and pic of the technician scheduled to come out but the new tablet-based invoice stuff is very cool! Well done! Thank you."