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The holiday season can be expensive buying gifts, baking goodies, and decorating your home. Not to mention, your electric bill soars through the roof during the holidays for a number of reasons. By making a few key changes to your routine leading up to and through the holidays, you will make your bill more manageable after a busy December.

1. Go With LED Bulbs

To begin with, stringing your house up with thousands of additional holiday lights is going to get the meter running in overdrive.

For starters, when you're lighting the Christmas tree or the outside of your house, invest in LED bulbs instead of using your former energy-sucking holiday lights. Although it may cost you more initially to purchase these kinds of decorations, it will pay off in the long run to make the upgrade.

2. Set Up a Timer for All Decorative Lights

As well, when you're hosting loved ones over the holidays, you have more lights turned on throughout the house as guests fill up previously unused bedrooms.

Limit the amount of time that you keep the decorative lights on, especially when you have a lot of guests staying in your house. These decorations may be festive and amp-up the Christmas spirit, but you only need to leave them on for a few hours every night for the majority of those passing by to enjoy them.

3. Let the Indoor Decorations Light a Room and Set the Mood

Gatherings around the tree and other indoor decorative lighting combined with traditional room lighting can use up a lot of energy.

When you do have the lights on the Christmas Tree glowing, turn off the lighting fixtures in the room where it is placed. Let the tree provide ambient lighting that is both more festive and efficient.

4. Go One Step Further with Candles

If you really want to set the mood, rely on candles and the fireplace to provide light as well.

This small adjustment can make your home feel more intimate and arouse the holiday spirit in all of your guests. This leads to an exceptional experience that is more than just about saving money.

5. Economize Your Oven

Finally, you're cooking for a horde of people when the family stops by for holiday meals. Between your electric stovetop and microwave, the wattage is going to be through the roof.

Optimize the preheated setting of an oven. Preheat your oven only when you are ready to use it and cook your dishes at the same time (if they need the same temperature) or in a row (from lowest to highest temperature). This will prevent wasting the energy needed to preheat the oven prior to cooking.

If you ignore these tips and put too heavy a strain on your home's electrical system, you may do damage that will require repair after the holiday. By being aware of the potential costs of the holiday season, you can prevent your debt from being out of control when you start the new year.

Looking for more ways to save?

John C. Flood offers energy saving Management Plans that will save customers on utility expenses in the long run, which will be a big help going into the expensive holiday season. We are open seven days a week and offer customers regular rates no matter when they need us to stop by their home or business. We are committed to a standard of excellence and quality that no other local electrical service company can offer.

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