The Handiest Man in the World

John C. Flood - He's The Handiest Man in the World!

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John C. Flood has earned the title "The Handiest Man in the World" because he can do it all. He has been serving the Metro DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas with plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical services. There's nothing he can't handle, no job too big or too small. He makes sure he provides the excellent and quality service his thousands of customers have come to expect. Call him anytime to schedule service, ask a question or to hear all his fantastic stories from his many years of servicing the Metro DC area.

Here our current Radio Spots airing throughout the Metro DC. Northern VA and Maryland areas:

Cost of Pro Football Ticket and Bathtubs

Musician Energy and Global Warming

Fashion Designers and Museum Curators

Halloween Costume Controversy

Drinking Fine Wines Under the Tuscan Sun

Cooled auditorium by blowing on a single ice cube

Air Conditioning experts ask him for advice

Trekked through the Brazilian rain forest

Thanksgiving table lottery

Reindeer training program

Saved famous New Years Eve Party

Volunteers for homeless ex-supermodels

Tracking Poachers in the blazing African sun