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Protect your electronics from the summer heat

Man Using Laptop

The average modern electronic device can function at temperatures above 120 degrees. It may seem unlikely that your television, laptop, tablet or cell phone could get that hot, but internally, electrical devices tend to run 10 to 20 degrees higher than room temperature.

Replacing insulation and saving money

Foam Insulation For Refrigerant Lines

One of the most common, silent energy wasters is torn insulation on the refrigerant line. If the liquid starts evaporating in the line instead of the evaporator, then you're basically just cooling the great outdoors.

Knowing when to call the AC repairman

Contractor Working On New Home

If you feel you need to have a professional look at your system, don't wait to call John C. Flood, the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia AC repair specialists. Our local technicians will be there quickly to assess and rectify the situation so you can continue having access to uninterrupted cool air.

Practicing at-home AC maintenance

Attic Air Conditioning Unit

If you're thinking about investing or have already invested in an outdoor air conditioning unit, maintenance and upkeep is vital part of ensuring long and efficient service from your AC. 

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