Bathroom Safety Tips for Kids

Whether they’re bathing in the sink or splashing around in the tub, kids love to be in the water. However, the bathroom can be a very dangerous place for children, so taking a few essential safety measures is critical to keeping your little one safe. Here, we’re discussing the best bathroom safety tips for kids.

1. Never Leave Your Little One Alone in the Bath

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Did you know that younger children can drown in only a few inches of water? That’s right — even when the bathtub is less than 1/4 full, your kid is still in danger of drowning. Never leave him alone in the bath, whether it’s for a few seconds or more. If you can’t ignore the doorbell or the phone, wrap him in a towel and take him along with you.

Also, make sure to never leave water in the bathtub when it’s not in use.

2. Keep the Floor Fully Dry

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A slippery bathroom floor can be extremely dangerous for your child, so it’s important to never leave the floor wet or damp as it poses a high risk of injury. If there is any leak in the bathroom, call in a specialist like John C. Flood to investigate and fix it.

Another recommended way to prevent slips is installing non-slip strips. These are best for the area around the bathtub, as it can get very slippery after bathing.

3. Put Cushioned Covers Over Water Faucets

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Steel water faucets are also quite dangerous. They can cause severe injury to your kid if he bumps into them, either while in the bathtub or when playing in the bathroom. Consider installing cushioned covers over them to help minimize injury and make the bathroom a safer place for your wee wee one.

4. Always Close the Lid of the Toilet

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For many toddlers, the toilet may appear fun and interesting, but there’s a high chance that your child might accidentally fall in while playing. It’s best to keep the lid of the toilet closed at all times of the day and night so this risk is reduced to a minimum. You might also want to get a toilet lid lock to keep it locked all the time.

5. Keep Hazardous Objects Out of Reach

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A curious three-year-old who plays in the bathroom will probably find your razor blade quite interesting. The beautiful design of the shampoo bottle might also be very attractive — and if it happens to be a fruity one, he might even try to taste it. Keep all hazardous objects out of your kid’s reach. If needed, consider installing top shelves that your little one cannot access. Or, invest in locks that prevent him from touching and playing with any of the dangerous objects in the bathroom.

6. Don’t Leave Hot Tools Unattended

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If you actively use hot tools such as the blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, then you’ll want to be extra careful when your child is around. Don’t leave any of these unattended to answer the phone as they pose a high risk for burns. The best thing to do is to keep all electronic items unplugged when your child is around, and especially when he’s in the bathroom.

7. Use an Anti-Scald Valve

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Using faucets is child’s play — literally. Sadly, faucets can cause injuries to your kid, especially if he accidentally runs hot water. To prevent burns and scalding, keep the temperature on the hot water set below 120°F (49°C). As an additional safety measure, install anti-scald valves that prevent the water from going above 120°F (49°C).