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3 creative ways to hide your air conditioner

If you own an air conditioning unit you are very likely aware of how unattractive the device can be in your yard. While the appliance serves several important functions - keeping the interior of your home cool while also filtering out potential air pollutants - it can be an eyesore in the yard. Just because it is a beloved appliance and is crucial for your comfort in the house does not mean you should be subjected to looking at it at all times.

In fact, there are several inexpensive ways that you can cover up your home's air conditioning unit in ways that will add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. Never again be forced to look at the bulky piece of machinery while you are trying to host a get-together with your friends and family. With the right touches, nobody will even know that there is an HVAC system set up in your yard at all.

Here are a few interesting and creative ways for you to hide the air conditioner in your yard, as compiled by AOL Real Estate:

  • Create a dedicated structure: If you are a handy homeowner, you might consider building a structure that is designed specifically to house the air conditioning unit. You just need to make sure that you keep space for ventilation in mind, or else that could spell disaster down the road. Try killing two birds with one stone by leaving some space in the top of the structure that you build for storage where you can keep some gardening or other yard supplies for safekeeping.
  • Fence it in: One of the most common ways that people obstruct the air conditioner from view is by putting a small fence around it. This is a great way to add a natural look to your yard, as you can put different flowers and other greenery surrounding and on the fence itself. Be sure to take cues from the fence that you already own and other elements of your yard in order to make sure that this addition has a seamlessly integrated look.
  • Plant some greenery: A natural way to keep the air conditioner unit out of sight - as well as adding some life to your backyard - is by having shrubbery or small trees planted around it. This is great for those people who like to keep their yard orderly and maintained with different flowers and greenery taking up as much space as possible. This will eliminate the need to add any kind of structure or other piece that you might find too obtrusive for your yard. Just be sure to leave enough room for access to the air conditioner if there should be any sort of problem with it down the road.

In order to keep your air conditioning unit in working shape, be sure to schedule an appointment with John C. Flood for any Gaithersburg, MD air conditioning repair products or services that you need! Regular maintenance will keep the machine running smoothly and your home cool and comfortable.