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3 popular home cooling myths

Facts vs. Myths for home cooling

During summer, most people are looking for ways to keep their homes cool and comfortable without spending a fortune. It is inevitable that you will see a slight rise in your monthly utility bills because you will likely be more dependent on your air conditioning unit and fans throughout the house. If you are thinking of making any changes around your place - like installing a central HVAC unit - or you just want to know how to use your cooling system more efficiently, there are certain myths that you should be aware of and be careful to avoid.

Here are a few common home cooling misconceptions:

  • A bigger air conditioner is better: Just because a machine is larger does not mean it will produce better results for your home. When it comes to an AC unit, the best possible thing you can do for it is keep it regularly maintained. As long as all of the lines are clear and the filter is cleaned, a machine of any size will work well to keep your house cool.
  • Air conditioners just cool air: While this is the main function of these devices, your AC is actually doing so much more for your household. The best air conditioners will not only bring down the temperature, but they will also reduce the humidity in the air with a specialized drying function. Make sure that your AC has this setting.
  • Leaving it on all day is efficient: Having a programmable thermostat is a great way for you to use less energy on your AC. You should set the machine so it can adjust the temperature accordingly for when you are home and not home.

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