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3 ways to avoid a frozen air conditioner

Attic heating and air conditioning unit inspection

The main job of an air conditioner is to keep the interior of your home cool. This is especially important during the summer, as temperatures climb consistently higher and stay well above comfortable levels. There is almost nothing more refreshing than coming inside after time spent outdoors and enjoying the colder atmosphere of your house. While air conditioners are built to maintain a certain temperature, they can become frozen themselves if they are not properly maintained. In order to prevent a frozen and broken air conditioner, there are certain steps you can take.

Here are a few tips for avoiding a malfunctioning air conditioner:

  • Better airflow: The easiest - and least expensive - way to prevent your air conditioner from freezing is by making sure that all of the air is flowing through it at a consistent rate. If any of the coils or other components become clogged with debris and do not function, the cold air will build up inside and freeze the machine. Be sure to clean these pieces regularly.
  • Fluid levels: Your AC will run on various coolants and other fluids, so you need to make sure that they are filled to┬áthe┬ánecessary levels in order for the machine to function properly.
  • Outdoor temperatures: Although this might seem like an obvious point, it is certainly one worth noting - you should not use your air conditioner if the outside temperature is cool. If the air outside is 60 degrees or less, the AC is not necessary and should be turned off.

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