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3 ways to get cleaner air in your home

When it comes to getting fresh air in the home, many people are of the school of thought that simply opening up some windows is enough to do the trick. The truth is that this method is only a good way to create airflow if you live in a climate where the difference in temperatures between the exterior air and what is inside is enough to create a breeze. Oftentimes - especially during the summer in many parts of the United States - this is just not the case. Some suggest that it's even more beneficial for your home if you leave the windows closed and find some other ways to keep the air in your home as fresh as it can possibly be.

In truth, it's often not a good idea to rely on what is coming in from the outside. Air pollution is heavy in some areas of the country, which can result in unhealthy air being breathed in on a regular basis. This can cause a myriad of various health problems both in the short-term and long-term, such as respiratory failure. A good way to counteract these problems is to rely on other methods of keeping your home's air fresh besides opening up the windows.

Here are a few simple ways to keep the interior air of your home clean, as collected by Houzz:

  • Air conditioner: One of the best ways to keep the air in your home fresh is by leaving your air conditioner running. This serves two important functions. First, it will create a more comfortable atmosphere in your home by keeping the temperature down where you would like it. Also, it will help keep potentially harmful pollutants out of the air through its filtration system. When the air is collected from the outside it has to pass through the machine, which can remove anything that might be harmful for you to breathe in.
  • Natural chemicals: When you are cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, it's crucial that you only use chemicals that are made from natural ingredients. By using harmful chemicals for your chores, you will allow them to release into the air, which is bad for you to breathe in. To keep any potentially harmful elements out of the air, organic cleaning products are definitely the way for you to go. They will also get the job done just as well as those heavy-duty cleaners that you are likely already used to.
  • Plants: An all-natural way to freshen your home is by having greenery in each and every room. Plants can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the air by absorbing them, while at the same time releasing healthy oxygen. A plant's natural lifecycle means that you can improve the air inside without having to lift a finger, as they will do all of the heavy lifting. The more plants that you have around the house, the more oxygen that will be released and carbon dioxide wiped away. A smart investment for any homeowner!

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