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3 ways to stay cool without an air conditioner

If you are in need of Washington, D.C. air conditioning repair services, you should schedule an appointment with John C. Flood as soon as you possibly can! With the high summer temperatures, living in a space without an AC unit can be nearly unbearable. This is especially the case if you are used to having the interior of your home cooled, but are now lacking that comfort due to a machine that has malfunctioned or completely broken down. While you are waiting for the air conditioner to be fixed, there are certain ways you can try and keep cool.

  • Keep your fan by the windows: Instead of having your fan pointed at you, you should instead position it near your open windows. This will allow the small machine to suck the hot air out of your room while pulling in the cooler air from outside.
  • Shower before bed: Before hopping into bed for the night, you should take a quick lukewarm shower. This will get rid of the extra sweat on your body, as well as lowering your overall body temperature.
  • Shut the blinds: If you want to keep the temperature of your house down, you need to make sure that all of the blinds or drapes are closed during the day. This will prevent the sun's UV rays from entering the home so they cannot heat up the inside.

While these suggestions might help, they are no substitute for owning a functional air conditioner unit. If you are in need of a new one or repair, schedule an appointment today with John C. Flood.