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Combat high heating bills by investing in space heaters

Punxsatawny Phil the Groundhog

It was recently reported that a prosecutor in Ohio has filed a motion to indict the world's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, for misreading his prediction back in February that spring would arrive early this year. Instead of warmer temperatures and afternoons that stay sunny late into the evening, much of the East Coast has been blanketed in several inches of snow, while howling winds pummel seaside communities with freezing rains.

As a result, homeowners have been saddled with higher-than-average heating bills to combat the chilly temperatures that have lingered into this year's spring. Although the weather is due to improve, it seems like much of the nation will be dealing with unseasonably cold conditions going into April.

To give yourself a break from having to keep the heat on all day, consider lowering your thermostat a few degrees at the start of the month so that your gas or oil bill won't be as high for April as it was for March.

Should temperatures remain constant over the next month, consider investing in a few space heaters to place throughout your house. Although these devices will likely weigh down your electric bill, it will be nothing compared to the heating costs you'll be saving by giving the thermostat a rest.

In anticipation of upcoming good weather, now is the time to look into making sure that your HVAC system is in proper working order. While you won't be pumping the heat this spring and summer, you'll be sorry if your central air conditioner isn't sending cool breezes throughout your house. Contact an experienced Arlington HVAC repair service like John C. Flood as soon as possible to come inspect your home's central air before you really need it.