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Condenser coil care

Outside HVAC Unit Next to Brick Wall

You need to be acutely aware of the condition of your condenser coils if you want to keep on receiving quality performance and extended life from your air conditioner. They are one of the most important parts of your entire AC system.

What they do

Your condenser coils perform a very important function. Your air conditioner relies on the constant evaporation and condensation cycle of a chemical refrigerant to produce the cooling effect. This is where the gaseous refrigerant is cooled down so it can be compressed back into a liquid to be pumped into your house to cool the air blowing through your vents. If your coils are allowed to get dirty, they won't be able to efficiently perform their role. This means less cooling for your house and more money on your energy bill.

It falls on you to ensure your condenser coils are clean and functioning properly before you get into summer months when they will be in heavy use. The coils are located inside the condenser unit outside your house. The first thing you want to do is make sure that entire unit is free of obstructions. No vines, leaves or grass should be stuck to or growing close to it. You want it as clear as possible so the fan can efficiently blow off the heat the condenser generates.

Getting started

When you've turned off power to the AC, remove and clean the filter. A dirty air filter can also impair the condenser's cooling ability. Next, take a light brush or a whisk broom and clean off the condenser fins. If any fins are bent, gently straighten them. Be thorough, get between the fins with the bristles and make sure you remove all the dirt and lint.

When you've brushed the coils, spray them with a special coil cleaning liquid - available from most hardware stores - then flush them with a light water spray. You don't want to use heavy sprays like from a garden hose as this may damage the condenser fins. Also, do not spray the coils before you properly brush them off. you risk turning the dirt and debris into mud.

Replace the filter and guard grill, turn the power back on and you should be done. A clean condenser coil improves your entire system's ability to remove heat from your home. The more efficiently it performs, the more money you save on your energy bill and the longer the life of your AC system will be.


Also important to AC performance are yearly inspections. Have a technician check your system to ensure all components are working correctly, making sure refrigerant levels are optimal and ducts are clear. Having inspections done allow you to identify potential problems before they start and save you money in repairs of replacements.

If you want to ensure that your inspections are carried out to the highest standards, call John C Flood. We are the the premiere Washington D.C., Gaithersburg, MD and Ashburn, VA AC maintenance professionals. We're locally based and able to respond to all your AC needs quickly and efficiently. We'll make sure you continue to enjoy cool air all summer along.