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Consumer Reports: Portable air conditioners are not effective

Outside Central HVAC Unit

When it comes to air conditioners, you should avoid getting a portable unit, according to a recent report. This piece of advice comes from a new study conducted by Consumer Reports, which took a look at eight portable air conditioning models from major manufacturers such as Honeywell, Frigidaire and Haier. What the research showed was that these smaller units are not worth the money that you spend on them, even if they are intended to be a cost-cutting measure.

Portable air conditioners are, in large part, a solution for cooling a room that cannot accommodate a window unit, in a home that lacks a central HVAC system. They are often purchased as an inexpensive way to keep the interior of a home cool during the hot summer months. To test these units, Consumer Reports used a special chamber, setting the outside temperature to 90 degrees with 70 percent humidity. Inside, the units are all set to 75 degrees, with the temperature being taken throughout the room.

What Consumer Reports found was that not one of the eight portable models tested were able to get the test chamber below 80 degrees, even after nearly two hours of running. This test shows that it is often more beneficial to have a window or central air conditioning unit installed, as they will be more effective and end up costing less money in the long-run.

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