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Don't fight the heat without central air

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Even in the middle of a heat wave, some people will still try to cool themselves with electric fans and spray bottles instead of investing in an air conditioner. The reasons may have to do with cost or inconvenience but you may be doing yourself more harm than good by putting off buying an AC.

If you're living on a budget or don't have anyone to stay in the house while a contractor installs equipment, you might try to convince yourself that a central air conditioner is a luxury you can't afford. Though braving the heat might seem more cost or time effective at the moment, remember that heat related illness and death remain a real danger.

Heart disease, asthma and emphysema are only a few of the deadly diseases whose symptoms can be worsened through exposure to prolonged sweltering heat. The elderly, children and those who are overweight are especially susceptible to health problems stemming from heat.

One of the biggest dangers of prolonged heat exposure, which kills an average of 400 Americans each year, is heatstroke. This occurs when your body is depleted of moisture, causing it to rapidly overheat. Another major factor that causes heatstroke is high humidity, which stops your sweat from evaporating, essentially neutralizing it's cooling effect. Once your body temperature reaches 106 degrees, you'll start experiencing dizziness and confusion when your brain is unable to stave off the effects of the heat.

Don't allow yourself to fall victim to these completely preventable and potentially fatal health risks. Be prepared for heat waves with a central air conditioner installed by John C Flood, the Washington D.C., Fairfax, and Rockville AC installation specialists. Our local contractors will get to your house promptly and perform fast quality installations so you can begin enjoying the benefits of an affordable central air system as soon as possible.