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Don't waste air with duct leaks

HVAC Technician Fixing and Attic Unit

The best way to keep your house at a comfortable temperature during scorching summers and freezing winters is to install a central HVAC. However, if your system doesn't seem to be working efficiently, it can cause lots of frustration.

If the output of your cooling unit seems to be abnormally low, the problem may not lie at the source in the basement or attic (as the case may be) but in the delivery system. Damaged duct work is probably one of the most common ways heat and cool air escape your AC system. Not only does it result in your own discomfort when your living spaces aren't at the temperatures you need them to be, but it also costs you money.

Checking your ductwork and vents should be a part of the professional maintenance you have done at the beginning of the summer and in mid fall when it begins to get cold. Between those times, you'll want to stay on top of any changes so you know what needs to be resolved.

Make sure the vents haven't been blocked externally by furniture or internally by something obstructing the flow of air out of them. Depending on the size and accessibility of your crawl-space, you may also be able to check out your ductwork yourself. You should be looking for leaky connections at junctions and joints that have come loose. Dried-up or loose duct-tape should be removed and replaced with a more permanent sealant. Bad connections to the main distribution point are also easy to detect and fix.

If you suspect your duct work may be causing you an output problem but you don't want to venture into your crawl space, don't worry. That's why the local professionals at John C Flood are always available. Our experienced technicians are ready and willing to resolve all of your D.C., Gaithersburg, and Fairfax AC maintenance issues this summer.