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Keeping your cool air quiet

Outdoor HVAC Unit in front of brick wall

Keeping cool in the summer can be a pain but it doesn't have to be noisy. If you have central air and your outside condenser is making far too much noise there are a few easy fixes you can employ.

Build a fence

It's simple and direct. A physical barrier around or just on one side of the condenser may be enough to drastically cut the noise. Before you start building, use a plywood sheet first to go around the unit and see if you can discern a difference in noise levels. This excise will help you determine if a fence will be effective and if you'll need a full enclosure or just a wall to deflect the sound. When you're ready to build the structure, remember to have your planks overlap instead of being spaced to create a better barrier.

Sound blanket

In newer model units, it's likely that it's the compressor that's making all the racket. A sound blanket over the compressor will take care of this problem easily. You can purchase a universal sound blanket or order one specific to your model. The next step is to cut the power to the unit and remove the top. The fan motor will be on that top panel and can be pretty heavy. It may be a good idea to get an extra pair of hands to hold it in place while you cover the compressor.

Replace the  Unit

Older units are generally louder. In this case, the fan motor is the most likely the culprit. At this point it would make more sense to just replace the unit altogether. Newer condensers have far quieter fan motors and are far more energy efficient. The long term investment would outweigh the cost of repairing the old unit but the initial investment might be steep. No matter which option you choose, John C Flood is there for affordable, energy efficient condenser units. We are also available for  all Virginia, Maryland and DC Air Conditioning repairs.