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Mechanical issues in HVAC systems

HVAC Technician Working on an outdoor system

Coming up to the end of summer, you may be starting to think the worst is behind you and your AC is unlikely to give you any more trouble.

But after months of your AC being in frequent use, at some points even 24 hours a day, the mechanical components are really feeling the wear. A failure in any one of these parts could have serious consequences.

Furnace Fan

If the furnace fan motor goes out there is no way of getting the cold air from the evaporator unit up into the vents. This fan is not only responsible for blowing the cold air into your home but drawing warm air out. Without it, there is no air circulation, therefore no cooling

Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is also  important because it's responsible for dispensing heat from your home into the air outside. The fan usually sits atop the condenser and draws warm air up from the condenser coils. The fan also blows out the heat generated by the compressor.  Without this fan your condenser system will overheat and fail.


If the compressor fails the system fails. This piece of equipment is assigned the tough task of compressing gaseous refrigerant into liquid then returning it inside to the evaporator.  The compressor's pump is what keeps the refrigerant cycling. Without that, nothing get's cooled. Compressor replacements are considerably more expensive than the previous two motor replacements and should only be handled by professionals.

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