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Solar panels offer affordable energy for your AC system

Installing solar panels on a roof

If the hot summer temperatures have forced you to consider central air conditioning, you may have hesitated before picking up the phone and calling a Washington DC HVAC service because of the energy costs associated with central AC. After all, it does require more electricity to run one of these systems, and the bigger your home, the higher those bills could be.

One way to hedge against those costs is to invest in a solar energy system. The DC area gets a lot of sunlight, which is free, limitless and a perfectly good energy source if you have a system on your rooftop. Solar panels convert that light into electricity to fuel all the appliances, gadgets and gizmos in your home, including a central AC system.

It's true that to have a solar electric system installed on your home requires a fairly high investment upfront, but you're likely to recoup that cost through lower energy bills over the lifetime of the system, as solar panels typically last over three decades.

Additionally, there are many local, state and federal tax incentives designed to encourage homeowners to invest in solar power. For example, the District of Columbia has the Renewable Energy Incentive Program, which provides rebate for each watt of solar generating capacity you have installed on your home.

Once you have solar panels on your house, you won't need to worry about higher utility bills because of your AC system. Instead you can cool your home knowing that you are taking advantage of renewable energy produced by a clean technology that will help reduced air pollution.