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Survey: The most popular items to make your home more efficient

Outdoor home renovation

During the last week of April, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodelers released the results of a new survey that asked professionals in the industry to name the most common green buildings products they use in their line of work. The answers were made public in time for the beginning of May, which is National Home Remodeling Month.

The organization's top four responses were high-performance low-emission windows, high efficiency HVAC systems, programmable thermostats and any Energy Star appliances. The survey also found that a wide majority - 60 percent - of home remodelers expect their use of green technology to double within the next five years.

This information is in line with how environmentally-friendly technology is currently being integrated into renovated homes. The use of these products have skyrocketed just the last few years. For example, 70 percent of remodelers said they installed programmable thermostats over the past year, up sharply from 42 percent in 2011. This use will only keep growing over time.

Other items that builders said are commonly used included ceiling fans, bathroom fans - any items that control the moisture of a space - high performance insulation and water conservation fixtures. All of these items installed in a home will allow the space to consume much less energy and resources, benefiting both the environment and the owner's bank account.

"The improved availability and affordability of high-performing building products means energy-efficient features are being incorporated into more home improvement projects," NAHB Remodelers Chair Paul Sullivan told local New Hampshire reporters.

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