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What to do with your window air conditioner during the summer

Brown Stone Townhouse with Window AC Units

Residents living in and around the DC metro area are beginning to pack up their summer gear in preparation for the colder months ahead. With Winter approaching and Fall just around the corner, many homeowners are looking to put their window air conditioners into storage to save space and close their windows to keep the heat in.

What should you do with a window AC unit in the winter? The Mother Nature Network has a step-by-step process that is pretty simple. The first thing to do is to contact a friend of yours with some muscle and have them help you remove the unit from your window. Depending on the size of your AC, it can be enormously heavy, and if you live upstairs, it poses a risk to anyone outside the building who might happen to walk by while you're removing it. Having a friend with you can mitigate these risks.

Once you've done that, set it on a towel that you're not attached to, as the unit will likely still have some fluid in it that needs to drain. Next, clean the filter with a vacuum, and possibly soap and water. Doing so will make it more efficient at cooling your rooms the next time you pull it out. Once it's been thoroughly scrubbed, put the unit in a covered trash bin or garbage bag, and place out of the way.

If you cool many rooms with window AC units, it may be worth it to invest in a central air conditioning system. The DC and Arlington HVAC service specialists at John C. Flood can design a central AC system that will cool your house more efficiently and eliminate the need to mount and maintain several window units.