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An empty nest is perfect for remodeling

Room With Windows Looking at Yard

If you've recently seen your youngest depart for college, then you may be dealing with some sadness over the fact that your children are gone and you're now living in an empty nest. Many parents find this occasion depressing and lonesome, but there are some upsides to it as well. Mainly, having your kids out of the house provides you with the perfect opportunity to remodel!

There are a few reasons to go through with this, the most obvious of which is the fact that, with all the kids' belongings out of your home (or in storage), you'll have an easier time reorganizing and getting your house ready for whatever project you've chosen to undertake.

But beyond that, there are also emotional reasons to consider remodeling. A recent piece in the Denver Post discusses the effects that remodeling an empty nest can have on a parent's happiness.

"Our home is becoming less about kids and more about being a sanctuary," Marie Dubuque, a life coach in St. Louis, told the source after her last child moved out for college in August. "Instead of utter chaos a lot of the time, it has become a refuge."

By converting an empty bedroom into a space for recreational activities that you enjoy, you then have an excuse to devote more time to those hobbies that you had always had to put on the back burner when raising children. This can lead to a happier and more carefree lifestyle.

With the kids out, there's a lot less clutter and a lot more space to create things like a studio, entertainment center or office. If you're looking to make some enhancements to your house now that you children are no longer living there, contact the DC bath remodeling and home improvement experts at John C. Flood to schedule a consultation.