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How about an en suite bathroom?

Bathroom with green flower wallpaper

A recent Zillow survey reports that 60 percent of homeowners will be tackling home improvement projects this summer with many expecting to spend over $1,000. One of the most popular jobs on the docket is a bathroom remodel.

One popular bathroom-related project that you can take on this summer is an en suite bathroom. Having a bathroom attached to your master or kids' bedroom can prove to be a major convenience. Additionally, when shopping for homes, prospective buyers are willing to pay extra for en suite bathrooms, making them a great way to add value to your house.

When looking into adding one into your house, the first thing you'll have to consider is space. Typically, for a bathroom you'll need at least two meters by two meters of room to work with. You'll also want to look into how far your waste and water connections are and make sure they are as close as possible. In order to get rid of that "claustrophobic" feeling of a small bathroom, you should use frosted glass panes for your doors.

Taking specific measurements before you start looking for fixtures is also important. It's easy to "eyeball" a toilet or sink in the store or online only to realize it's too large when it's installed and affect your ability to move around inside.

Open storage works well in a tight space. A free-standing sink and wall mirror will make the room feel more open. If you need additional space for your personal effects, building open shelves is a good idea.

Once the space is prepared and it comes time to connect your pipes and drainage, don't take any risks. Trust this job to the Washington DC bath remodeling experts at John C Flood. For additional advice about bathroom remodeling give us a call today.