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How to inexpensively improve the look of your bathroom

When it comes to the interior decor of your home, the bathroom should look just as presentable as the other areas of your residence. You don't want to skimp, especially on the master bathroom, as this space can significantly raise or lower the overall value of your household when it comes time to sell.

The good news about making upgrades, however, is that you really don't have to break the bank and drain your savings account, as long as you know how to work with the resources that you have available.

We spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom each day, so you want the space to be a calming place where you can relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. There is the potential that a bathroom will look outdated very quickly, as the wrong wallpaper or fixtures might not age as well as you think that they will.

Remodeling the bathroom is consistently ranked as one of the most popular home renovations in the country for a reason — there are always upgrades and changes to make. Now you can take care of this situation without spending a ton of money!

The first thing you will want to do is completely declutter the space. It is all too easy to let our bathrooms become filled with random and useless objects, from old tubes of toothpaste to piles of old copies of Vanity Fair. You will want to go through every inch of your bathroom and throw away what you no longer need. This will free up space for more decorative items, such as flowers or fluffy towels.

You can also update your bathroom by purchasing new shower curtains and a more decorative rod to hold it up. The shower is one of the main parts of the bathroom, so you want it to look as presentable as possible. Try adding a bold color into the room with the curtain that you can carry through with new towels and washcloths that can completely transform the feel of the room.

If you have a metal bar that serves as a towel rack, you should ditch it for something more contemporary and modern. You can buy a couple of stylish coat hooks and attach them to the back of the door, or even just use the doorknobs themselves. That way, your towels will dry throughout the day without you having an unattractive bar running through one of your walls.

To make a more radical change, you should call in a professional to replace your bathtub. This is especially important if the tub is more than a few years old, as chances are the surface of it is worn out and old looking. While this might be a bit pricier, it will do a lot to enhance the look of the entire space.

For those looking to make more radical changes to their bathrooms, you will likely need the help of a contractor or DC plumber. If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom, be sure to schedule an appointment with John C. Flood as soon as possible! Check out the rest of our website to learn more about all of the different services we offer, and contact us if a bathroom upgrade is something you want to explore sometime in the near future.