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Improve the air in your bathroom by cleaning your steam vent

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When you start your annual spring cleaning, you may realize that there are several areas of the house that have gotten an unfair amount of attention. It's true that making sure the living room sparkles isĀ important, since this is where you do the majority of your entertaining, but there are other areas of the house that will suffer greatly if you neglect to give them a proper scrub down.

The bathroom, for instance, is one germ haven that requires a lot of chemicals and a heavy dose of elbow grease for adequate sanitation. Not only will you need to get on your hands and knees with a sponge to make this space shine, but you'll also have to look overhead to fully complete your cleaning regimen.

Because building codes in most areas mandate it, many residential bathrooms feature a vent to help alleviate moisture levels in the bathroom. This is especially common in lavatories without windows where steam from the shower would have no way to escape. Not only does this result in foggy mirrors and a rainforest-like climate in ventilation-free bathrooms, but homeowners are also more likely to notice a buildup of mold and mildew. Not only do these fungiĀ smell nasty, but, left unchecked, they could become serious health hazards for members of your household.

This spring, carefully take the cover of your vent off and give it a complete cleansing - don't just dust, but wipe the lid down completely, as mold is likely to build up on the inside of this device as well. Then, if you can read the fan, be sure to remove any cobwebs or dust that may have accumulated since you last took it all apart.

When you finish cleaning your vent, make sure the rest of the appliances are clean and in working order. If you're ambitious, consider remodeling the entire space. Contact John C. Flood immediately for the best in Fairfax bath remodeling today.