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When should new homeowners start investing in improvements?

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It's tempting, after you've just bought your new home, to start planning which walls will come down and which bathrooms will be redone by a DC bath remodeling contractor. Unless you're moving into a fixer-upper, however, we recommend a few tips from AOL Real Estate so that your first home improvement project is worthwhile and one you don't regret.

The first thing to think about is your motivation for having the work done. Are you trying to raise the value of the house, or is the project intended to make it a better place to live? If your answer is the former, you may want to wait until you're actually sure about the fact that you'll be selling your home. But if you're simply making the home more livable for you and your family, then you should definitely proceed with your plans.

The second consideration, once you've decided you want to do the project after all, is to think about budgeting. Many financing institutions offer home improvement loans, but it's also a good idea to consider simply saving up money and paying for the contracting work yourself. If that's feasible, you may want to consider it instead of taking on more debt right after you've signed up for a mortgage.

Third, make sure that you've at least unpacked and settled in before starting the project. Home improvement projects are much less stressful if your family has actually settled in to their new home.

Once you've done all this, make an appointment with a Arlington, Virginia plumbing contractor at John C. Flood, and our expert will walk you through the home improvement process and make your dream home a reality.