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3 ways to reduce the noise pollution in your home

When it comes to enjoying our homes, there is something that everybody universally desires - peace and quiet. Whether you are somebody who works from home during the day or just likes to unwind and relax after running errands, our houses should be sanctuaries from the rest of the world. The problem with this often is noise - conversations being had by neighbors, cars honking their horns and dogs barking and running around the street. All of this can create noise pollution in your home, which can in turn make you tense or anxious in a space where you are supposed to relax.

Here are a few home improvement tips to reduce the noise in your household:

  • Carpets: One of the easiest ways to cut down on the noise that enters your home is by investing in area rugs. Concrete and hardwood do not absorb sound waves, so installing rugs on top of your existing floor - with sound-absorbing padding underneath - can work wonders for reducing the noise level.
  • Drapes: Another great way to make sure that your house remains as quiet as possible is by purchasing thick drapes or curtains for your windows. This will cut out the noise before it even has a chance to enter your home, with thicker material much more effective at absorbing any sounds from the outside than sheers.
  • Windows: If the windows in your home are more than a decade old, they should be replaced for a variety of reasons, one of which is that there can be holes and leaks around them that will let in sound. New windows will not only cut down on the noise but will also help reduce your monthly energy bills.

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