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Air Conditioner systems installed for VA, MD, DC

HVAC Unit - Indoor and Outdoor Systems

The best central air, DC area is dependent on your needs, requirements and budget. The space that needs to have the indoor conditions controlled is the determining factor as to what is specifically needed.

Things to consider are the total area that has to be controlled, if independent zones will be desired and to what degree of efficiency would meet the needs.

If a good portion of the home is continuously occupied and ample circulation is consistent then breaking the home into different zones is not as necessary because all of the rooms will be occupied on a regular basis.

The overall best air conditioners for reliability and dependability have been Bryant and Carrier for the past decade. Both of these companies have a variety of models and types of systems that are meant to fit any need a homeowner has. Both companies have the standard central air conditioners that are a part of the furnace system. There are also the two types of heat pumps available from both, the standard and geothermal.

The brains behind either of these types of systems are the controller. Bryant and Honeywell are the two leaders in this field. These are so much more than the old mercury switches many people grew up with. Today’s controllers can maintain a constant temperature and humidity setting better than ever before. There are some that can breakdown the home into zones so less energy is used for parts that may not be occupied.

If you need help deciding what system would be appropriate for your home, then ask a professional. The best central air DC area professional is also the ones that have been serving the public needs for over 100 years.

Until August 30, 2010 we are offer $100 off any complete system when they replace your old system.