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Air Conditioning Service

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The air conditioning service that is in most homes and businesses serves more purposes than just keeping the occupants comfortable when the outside temperature rises. The comfort of the people is important, but so is their health.

The cooler air of the air conditioner makes it possible to reduce the humidity level of the air.

This is one of the physical properties of air, the warmer the temperature, the greater the air’s capacity to suspended moisture in a gaseous form.  When the air is cooled, the humidity level drops. The air is mostly condensed or removed from the air at the evaporator of the air conditioning unit.

Most people are unaware of this until a problem occurs. The typical problem is when a clog is formed in the drain line from the evaporator. When this occurs in a unit that is in the basement, there is water on the floor. For window air conditioners, this is when water is dripping from the window seal and leaving a deposit on the floor. The most common occurrence of this is in an automobile. The passenger’s floor board in the front becomes damp.

The draining of the water is essential to the effectiveness of the air conditioner. This way, moisture is removed from the air and the unit itself does not have to work so hard. With a lower moisture level in the air, the growth of molds and bacteria is hindered. This leads to a better quality of air for the occupants to breath.

This is just one of the advantages of having a DC air conditioning service company such as John C. Flood inspect your unit on an annual basis. Not only will your air conditioning unit last longer, but you will breath easier.