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Benefit of Trenchless Pipe Replacement or repair

Hole for a Sewer Pipe Replacement

Trenchless Pipe Replacement” can be observed as an unknown term to most people, though it can also be referred to as “pipe breaking” or a “No dig” job.  Within using the Trenchless technique, the operation is simple, requiring relatively few steps to complete the process.  The trenchless method installs the new pipe by pulling it through the old existing pipe all at the same time, even if the existing pipe seems to be collapsed or severely damaged. This trenchless technology is executed with the use of a powerful pulling machine that is located particularly at the destination point of the pipe.

Trenchless technology consists of a large variety of methods used for installing and improving underground utility systems with a minimal amount of surface damage or disruption.  This method pertains to replacing underground pipe-work without digging long, unattractive trenches that disrupt lawns, sidewalks, driveways and just about any other feature located on one’s property that has the misfortune of existing above an underground line.

As you can see, there are several advantages to be realized within the trenchless technology or “trenchless pipe replacement” option.

  • Minimal damage done to the concrete and yard around one’s home or property
  • 90% of one’s ground will be saved from being dug and opened up when using the trenchless pipe replacement technology.
  • A major elimination of disruption towards other systems such as water, electrical, and gas lines.
  • After installation, damages to the systems are now easily located.
  • Increased flow capacity/efficiency.