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Do Not Forget to Check Your Sump Pump

Zoeller Sump Pump

This spring, do not forget to check your sump pump, as the rains begin to hit your area. If you have a finished basement area you do not want to open the door to go downstairs and find your game room furniture floating around.

While not as dangerous as a backed up sewer, when a sump pump fails to drain your basement of condensation and water that has leaked through the foundation, you could still have a serious problem.

The sump pumps that are installed in homes are one of the most forgotten about mechanisms a home owner has. This is another one of the items that you would never think about unless it fails. To check this device biannual is recommended to ensure no problems will occur within its normal operating cycle.

There are two simple ways to check that you sump pump is operating correctly. The first way is to physically raise the float as if the water level has risen in the sump. This simulation should activate the pump. Listen to make sure it comes on. When the float is allowed to return to its normal position, the pump should shut off. You should also notice at what level the float has to be reach before the pump is activated. If too close to the surface, adjust the float to the appropriate position.

The second way is also as simple but you do not need to stick your hand in the sump. Just add the appropriate amount of water to get the float to rise to its activation level. Make sure you do not overflow the sump or you will have to clean up the mess. Once there is a sufficient water level in the sump, the pump will activate and lower the water level. Listen for the pumps low hum and look to make sure the water level is decreasing.

For those home owners that have a really quiet pump, you can place you hand on the pump and feel if it is vibrating. This will indicate whether it is activated or not. It is also a way for those with bad hearing to check to see if the pump actually comes on.

Those home owners that have power outages during storms on a regular basis, it is recommended that the sump pump have a backup power source so it will operate normally even when the power is out. This will prevent a build up of water when you need your sump pump the most

Do not forget to check your sump pump twice a year to prevent any problems with water on the floor in your basement. Standing water can damage the foundation and cause mold and fungus to grow that could develop into a hazardous condition if not handled carefully. This check only takes a few minutes but could save you from having to deal with a larger headache.