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Don’t like waiting in lines? Neither do we…we love VIP treatment just like everybody else.

Well at John C. Flood we offer annual maintenance service contracts. We call them Energy Management Plans or EMP’s for short. If you don’t like waiting in lines, or having to wait longer than you need to get something done we hear you. Buy one of our annual maintenance service contracts and jump ahead of those without one when scheduling your emergency repairs or servicing for heating, AC, Plumbing or electrical.

Summer is creeping up fast so imagine its Saturday morning and the weather forecast calls for blistering heat for the next few days. You will surely have your system cranked up to keep you and your family comfortable. Well, surprise, surprise you aren’t the only one cranking up their systems and if your system craps out right at the beginning of a heat streak…and on a weekend…be prepared for some serious wait times.

Well, that’s only if you don’t have one of our annual maintenance service contracts. If you do, you will get priority scheduling ahead of all those without…cutting your wait time considerably! You will be a hero for getting you and your family cool again.

Now these plans don’t just cover AC, depending on your plan, they also cover heating, Electrical and plumbing nightmares too! And depending on your plan you won’t pay a diagnostic fee for us coming out either.

Trust me; these plans pay for themselves many times over…even if just for that one instance, on that one blistering hot weekend.
Call us now, before it’s too late and we will explain the plans available and pricing.

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