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Stay Warm Without Breaking the Bank with a Programmable Thermostat

The term energy saving has different meanings for different people. For some, this is more closely aligned with energy conservation while others think of it in a monetary sense. The fact remains the same that both are correct.

The less energy we use as consumers means there is more that can be drawn upon when it is necessary. From a home owner’s point of view, saving energy will both reduce their carbon footprint and save on the monthly energy bills.

Energy efficient home - happy couple - John C. Flood

This saving of energy can be accomplished in multiple ways. The use of energy efficient appliances like Energy star or with the installation and use of a heat pump, instead of the traditional furnace and air conditioner. These units use less energy to do the same job as their traditional counterparts. This leads to a reduction in the amount of energy consumed and lower energy bills.

Before the development of the heat pump, most homeowners used to manually adjust their thermostat. By reducing the temperature variance between the outside temp and the inside climate, a degree of savings can be accomplished. Unfortunately since it was manual, it was sometimes forgotten and the savings did not materialize.

john-c-flood-programmable-thermostatTo help in this situation today, there are programmable thermostats. Once the program has been laid into the system, it will work automatically. This way, the temperature variance at night will be reduced automatically every night. This same reduction in the consumption of energy can be accomplished for any period of the day when the home is not occupied. This can be when everyone is away for school or work.

The best thing about the programmable thermostat is that the home’s environment will return to the preferred settings automatically so the home owner’s comfort level will never be sacrificed in their quest of energy savings for the reason that is important to them.

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  1. Canada is facing and implementing a carbon tax… efficiency has been a big thing for years. It will now become a vital question that will be asked when installing new equipment.


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