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Guardian HVAC: Helps Cure Sick Building Syndrome

Guardian Air Reme

The Guardian HVAC products were developed to cure the ailments of a closed off environment of a building which are sometimes referred to as sick building syndrome. These products are environmentally friendly components that help make the air in the buildings where they are installed to be cleaner and healthier for the occupants to breath.

The Guardian Reflective Electro-Magnetic Energy (REME) 305 is a unit that creates ionized hydrogen peroxides. Just like on a person’s skin, this chemical kills bacteria and molds on contact when it encounters them in the HVAC duct work of the facility where they are installed. It does require an electrical supply of 110 volts, but it is not dependent on the blower fan running to disperse the cleaning plasma.

This cell is environmentally friendly and only uses oxygen and water so no toxic residue is left behind. The cell has no moving parts that can break down but will constantly and continuously propel purifying plasma through your system. The cell itself produces 2 cubic feet per minute of this plasma 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once installed and in operational mode, the concentration of your system of this plasma will be 0.01 ppms.

Another product by Guardian for purifying the air in your facility is the Guardian Air HVAC PHI Cell. This delivers work similar to the REME, by producing ionized oxygen particles to purify the air.

With both units, the plasma that is produced will revert back to hydrogen and oxygen once the oxidation process is finished and the odors, VOC’s, bacteria’s, and molds are eliminated. This is how the Guardian HVAC products are used to cure sick building syndrome.