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Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC Technician Installing a Bryant AC Unit

The evolution of heating and air conditioning systems for use in modern society has come a long way since the simple days of fire places and open windows. The solutions to heating and cooling a structure can have many different types of solutions. Each with their advantages and cost associated with them.

In this evolution, coal burning furnaces replaced the fire place. These were in turn replaced by oil burning furnaces, then eventually by the natural gas burning furnaces. Along the way, the air conditioner was developed and incorporated into the home HVAC unit.

The theory behind the principles involved with the AC unit is to take the heat from the inside and transport it outside. This theory and its principles have lead to the development of the heat pump. Unlike a conventional furnace that uses an energy source to create heat, the heat pumps transport heat for the outside of a structure into the interior.

This transfer of heat became more efficient when the geothermal units were developed. They take the heat from underground in the winter time and transport it into the interior of the structure in the most fuel and cost efficient manner in use today.

This same principle is used in the summer months to take the cooler temperatures from underground and transport them into the interior of the structure.

To assist in making the inside environment more comfortable, the humidifiers and dehumidifiers were developed to work in unison with the HVAC system. The right moisture level in the air not only makes it more comfortable for the occupants, but puts less stress on the heating and air conditioning systems themselves.

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