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Home Cooling System - HVAC

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The modern home cooling system has seen many changes over the years. It has been in constant development because of the desire to live and work in a more comfortable setting than what Mother Nature provides. Since the weather surrounding most of us is in a constant flux, most people desire to have a constant temperature and humidity so they feel more comfortable.

The first cooling mechanism was the window. This allowed for a breeze of fresh air to flow into a structure. Most people are well aware that heating a structure has long been a part of homes in the upper northern hemisphere due to the cold. What most are not aware of is that the old boilers and radiator systems were, in some instances, also a cooling mechanism.

This was accomplished with the installation of a cooling compressor down in the basement next to the boiler. This way, hot water could pass through the radiators during the colder months, and chilled water in the hotter summer months. This was economically feasible since it only required the use of one set of piping, which was already present in a building, for heating purposes.

Soon, better HVAC systems were developed that included oil and gas-burning furnaces, along with electric-powered air conditioning units. In time, this type of system was improved upon with the introduction of the geothermal heat pump.

The geothermal heat pumps take the heat and the cooling properties of the temperature difference, between what is above ground and that of below the ground, and transports the desired property into the home so a comfort level can be attained.

As with most things, the home cooling system will be improved upon again in the future but at the present time, the most cost and energy efficient system that is available is the geothermal heat pump.