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Home Heating System Tuneup

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A Fairfax, VA heating system tuneup for your home is just part of what should be on the schedule of every homeowner. As the seasons shift from mild fall weather to winter, we all shift from the Levi’s jackets to the heavier winter coats.

This same type of shift is felt by our heating systems.After not being used for the greater part of 6 months, our furnaces will be called to duty. Just like any other device or appliance that has not been switched on for some time, a check of its systems is called for. Just like before a long road trip and the car is checked, your furnace and all supporting accessories should be inspected by a professional to ensure they will respond accordingly when asked to do so.

Many HVAC service companies provide this type of service to homeowners. This type of checkup for your home system is much more than just changing the furnace filter. This will include the checking and if need being adjusting to the air/fuel ratio of the burners, testing of the humidifier, inspecting the fan and its belts that supplies the home with the forced air that circulates the heat and much more.

The HVAC industry recommends this type of inspection of the home heating and air conditioning units to be preformed twice a year. For homeowners that have this done, a relationship is generally developed with their service company. This leads to advantages for the home owner. Not only do they save money on their energy usage because their units are performing at top efficiency, but the better service companies offer discounts and preferred customer statue to these repeat customers.

If it has been some time since you last thought of your furnace and wish to guarantee you and your loved ones a warm place when that first arctic blast hits the DC area, then now is the time for your annual or bi-annual heating system tuneup. The boy scouts are not the only ones who need to be prepared.