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Home improvement pitfalls to avoid

If you are prepping your home for a sale, you and your real estate agent are likely going to be making changes in order to make the space look as good as possible. While the goal of this will be to increase the overall value of the space, it will also serve as a way for people to imagine themselves living there and make an offer after an open house or listing.

While home improvement projects are going to be a key part of this process, the truth is that not everything you can do is going to pay off. You should, of course, tackle all of the small things or areas that are going to need your immediate attention - painting the walls a new color, replacing the kitchen appliances or even having new windows installed.

These are all tasksĀ that will make your home a more desirable choice than others on the housing market. But there are also projects that you should avoid, no matter how long you plan on living in the home. While an inground pool might sound like a great idea at the time, potential buyers will see it as nothing more than a burdenĀ on their time and finances, which could hurt your chances of selling.

It is important not to go overboard when remodeling your home, whether you are doing it to make a sale or just because you feel the space needs updating. If you stick with simple projects, you will find that your home will both look great and sell much faster. Be sure to schedule an appointment with John C. Flood today for our Alexandria, Virginia contractor products and services.