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Home Maintenance Checklist and Schedule

home maintenance checklist John C. Flood

Just like your car, your home needs consistent maintenance and tune-ups to stay in tip-top shape. In addition to helping you keep everything clean and neatly organize, regular home maintenance prevents breakdowns and ensures that your exterior, plumbing, heating and cooling, security and electrical systems are all working correctly. As a plus, regular inspections allow you to identify problems and fix them quickly, thus saving money, time, and making your home a safe and comfortable place for your family.

Outlined below is our complete checklist to guide you through the entire home maintenance process.


Yard and Exterior

 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Check exterior drainage spring.     
Clean out gutters and downspouts.     
Check for signs of roaches, termites, bats or rodents.     
Check foundation for cracks.      
Clear shrubs and dead plants.      
Drain outdoor faucets and hoses.      
Check driveway/pavement for cracks and damage.      
Inspect and replace caulking if needed.      
Check if fence (around pool) is intact.     
Check for interference between trees and electric lines.      
Check, clean and repair windowsills, door sills and thresholds.      


Exterior Walls, Windows and Roofing

 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Repair cracked or broken glass.      
Inspect and repair loose or damaged frames.     
Check if shingles are in good condition.      
Check for ice dams and icicles.      
Check chimney, plumbing vent, valley and skylight flashing.      
Check attic vents.      
Inspect paint.      
Check dryer vents     
Clean and repair deck.      
Check if exhaust ducts are clear.     
Inspect window screens. Repair or replace damaged ones.      
Check attic for signs of roof leaks.      


Interior Walls, Windows, Doors and Ceilings

 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Inspect windows and doors.      
Look for any signs of water damage.      
Check locks and deadbolts. Lubricate and replace as needed.      
Check for signs of mold and mildew.   
Tighten knobs, handles, racks, etc.      



 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Check and clean dryer screens and vents.      
Check and clean exhaust fan screens and outlets.      
Check and clean outdoor air screens and intakes.      
Clean air conditioning drain pans and coils.      
Clean dehumidifier coils.      
Clean and tune furnaces, hot water heats, boilers.      


Electrical Equipment

 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Check electrical cords for damage.     
Test and replace outlets if necessary.      
Test batteries of smoke and CO alarms and replace if needed.     


Plumbing: Fixtures and Appliances

 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Check washer hoses connections.      
Check if there are leaks in dishwasher hoses.      
Check and repair/replace toilet supply/shut-off valve.      
Look for signs of damage around shower/tub.      
Check drains under tubs, sinks and showers for leaks.      
Check boiler and hot water heater for leaks.      
Clean septic tank.      
Remove shower heads and clean sediment buildup.      



 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Check for signs of roaches, termites, bats or rodents.      
Look for water damage.      
Make sure the attic is insulated.      



 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Store fuel cans properly.     
Look for signs of water damage.      
Test and replace garage door safety shut-off.     
Check for signs of roaches, termites, bats or rodents.     


Basement and Crawl Space

 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Make sure there are no wet surfaces or puddles.     
Clean out window wells.      
Make sure floor drain is working.      
Deep clean basement/crawling space,      
Check for signs of roaches, termites, bats or rodents.      
Consider installing a dehumidifier.      


HVAC Equipment - Replace Filters

 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Warm air furnace.      
Air conditioning.      
Winterize air conditioning system.      



 MonthlyEvery 3-6 MonthsSpringSummerFallWinterAnnually
Inspect your fire extinguisher(s).      
Check water softener. Add salt if needed.      
Give your house a deep clean.      
Take care of insect problems.     


Final Word

You will see that, when your home is in best shape, your quality of life increases, and you can also achieve a better sense of well-being. If you have never done any sort of home maintenance, now it’s the perfect time to start and take everything from scratch. Use the checklist above as a guide – and make sure to download and print the PDF so you can have it at hand!

John C. Flood's Home Maintenance Checklist and Schedule.pdf