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How to Avoid The Spookiest Halloween Plumbing Scares

Halloween Jack O Lantern

(Featured Image Credit: brazma via pixabay)

The air is getting chilly. The wind is kicking up – creating moonlit shadows and other spooky imagery. Pumpkins, corn stalks and multicolored leaves are all around us. That’s right – it’s officially Halloween season! And we love to get into the spirit and enjoy a few frights to celebrate.

Of course, when you think of Halloween scares, you may not be referring to plumbing-related problems! Here are a few examples of some plumbing scares that you be aware about. Without the right service, these Halloween plumbing scares can become even more frightful than the worst haunted house or horror film!

Pumpkin Guts Clogging the Drains

carved pumpkin guts

(Image Credit: Betsssssy via flickr)

‘Tis the season for spooky pumpkin carving. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for pumpkin pulp down the drain. Whether it’s in your sink drain or garbage disposal, pumpkin pulp clogs are a common complaint during the month of October. And they can create big headaches for kitchen sinks all across the world.

Families might think pulp and seeds can go down a drain without a problem. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case.

Many people make the smart choice not to dump pumpkin guts down the drain. However, they immediately follow up with the mistake of believing they’re safe to flush down the toilet. As you can probably imagine, if you do this you’re going to have a bad time!

The best bet here is to avoid problems altogether by just throwing away pumpkin guts (and roasting/eating the seeds). You’ll probably need to call the pros in for service if your pipes are already clogged, though.

Loud Drain Noises in the Night

Picture this scenario: you head to bed after watching your favorite scary movie. Once you’re covered up and comfortable, you hear it – loud, thumping noises in the night. They echo throughout the house and sound like an intruder banging on your door or window.

Talk about terrifying!

After an investigation, however, you discover that it’s not a masked bad guy making the noise – it’s your pipes! Loud pipes can be caused by a few different culprits. Most commonly, you’ll find out that your water pressure is too high creating loud banging noises when water is turned on or off.

In more severe cases, loose pipes may also be to blame for the loud noises. These pipes can pose a real danger for flooding if they are not identified and repaired. That’s why you should quickly address these problems as soon as you discover them. This holds true whether you’re repairing them yourself – or calling in the professionals.

Evening Chills with Heating System Problems
thermostat at low temperature

(Image Credit: OpenClipartVectors via pixabay)

Watching a truly horrifying scary movie can definitely give you the chills. But what happens if those chills extend far into the night?

As the temperature continues to head downward, you need to ensure your heating system is happy and healthy. This is the season where issues related to your heating may rear their ugly head. And problems might leave you stuck in the cold – literally.

In many cases, a simple maintenance call can help to resolve heating issues you may be experiencing. You’ll need to address these issues ASAP, however. It’s not getting any warmer outside, after all!

Keeping Halloween Scary (but Not Too Scary)

carved pumpkins and halloween decorations

(Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures via pixabay)

While these plumbing scares certainly are terrifying, the good news is you can avoid them with the right perspective. Remember to always follow-up if something seems wrong within your plumbing, drains or heating system. Even a few minutes of investigation can help prevent a major issue.

If you need an expert service team to diagnose and repair a problem, you can also schedule a service call with John C. Flood today. Our team will quickly identify and repair even the scariest of problems – and get your plumbing back up to 100% with no more hassles.