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How To Make Your Sink More Quiet

How to Make Your Sink More Quiet Instructographic by John C. Flood

The plumbing in your home is often the number one source of strange noises that plague your family. Whether it's eerie creeks or drumming that keeps your loved ones up at night, the reason these often irritating disturbances come about is usually a matter of either poor insulation or lazy installation.

One of the most common and aggravating issues is a sink that makes a deafening clamor when water pours out of the faucet. This is most common in sinks that feature two basins and are part of one singular unit. In addition, if these two basins are each made out of stainless steel, you are more likely to notice the "gong-effect."

Because these basins sit right next to each other, there is usually an empty expanse on the underside of the sink that separates the two. This space will act as an echo chamber and cause your sink to sound like a steel drum when you turn the faucet on.

By putting insulation into this dead space, you remove the echo chamber and will make the kitchen a much more peaceful place.

Although you can approach applying insulation from beneath the sink, it's best to remove the basins before starting the project.

Purchase basic expanding foam from the hardware store and, while wearing protective gear, fill in the space with the solution.

Be sure not to apply too much of the foam, as it will expand and potentially make it difficult to refit your basins.

Once you have put the sink back into the countertop, be sure to properly caulk all of the edges and refit any plumbing you had to disconnect before utilizing your quieter kitchen.