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How to repurpose your kid's old bedroom

If your child has recently moved out of the house, it can become a little lonely. A home that was bustling with life and energy can feel empty, especially when the now unused bedroom is a constant reminder of how your kid is out on their own now. In order to keep any feelings of empty nest syndrome at bay, you should make transforming their bedroom your next project. Instead of having a space in the residence that is not serving any purpose, it can be turned into something that you and your spouse can enjoy!

Here are a few tips for repurposing your teenager's old bedroom:

  • Clear out the leftovers: When your child moves out of the house, chances are they have left some of their stuff behind. You don't want these belongings to clog up your place forever, so it is important that you get rid of what is no longer needed or wanted. Even if you just move them to storage in the garage, clear out the room itself.
  • Get a new wall color: Just because orange is your kid's favorite color doesn't mean the wall has to stay that shade forever. If you are planning on turning the room into something more functional - like a home office or guest suite - be sure to update the wall with a hue that is more grown-up and neutral.
  • Make a master suite: This might be a bit on the tricker - and more expensive - side, especially since it will likely require knocking down a few walls. But if you can, you can create a master suite upstairs by combining the two rooms.

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