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How to stop foul odors from exiting the drain in your bathtub

Bathtub with flower petals and candles

One amenity that is popular in most households is a bathtub. When shoppers are perusing potential properties for purchase, the bathroom is often a major selling point, as buyers can imagine themselves lounging in a large hot tub or Jacuzzi after a long day of work. However, many homeowners find they they rarely actually use this feature once they have lived in a space long enough. This is most common in private bathrooms with a separate tub that isn't used for daily cleansing like a stand-alone shower is.

Over time, homeowners may start to notice a foul odor in these bathrooms that is originating from their tub's drain. Often, this is because the drain trap has dried out, which means there is no water in the pipe to act as a barrier against the smells that either rise up from the sewers or the waste areas attached to your home's plumbing system. These traps are shaped in a way that allows water to pool up in a joint  so that the liquid at the bottom of the curve will act as a seal. If the drain is rarely used, this water will evaporate, allowing that nasty air to seep up into your bathroom.

Simply run your tub for a little while to fill the pipe. If the fluid quickly drains, you should be all set and the trap should have established a water barrier. However, you may notice that the water in your tub isn't draining, which will be indicative of a clog somewhere in the drain. While you may be able to purchase a drain cleanser, your best bet is to hire a professional Rockville plumber like John C. Flood to investigate the issue.