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How you can prevent a home disaster from happening this winter

Winter is a wonderful partĀ of year. Between the holidays and getting to spend time with loved ones, you are able to live in the moment and enjoy all that life has to offer. However, it can also be stressful for many homeowners, as winter weather can often wreak havoc on residences if people are not careful enough. If you would live to avoid something going wrong with your household this winter, there are plenty of preventative steps and measures that you can take, all without breaking the bank!

If you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time - or even just for a few hours - you should consider shutting off the main water valve in your home. This will help to prevent the pipes from freezing over in your absence when you will not be around to deal with the issue should it come up. However, if you do choose to do this, it is important that you leave at least one faucet open to help prevent any unused water or pressure from building up inside the plumbing system that you can't control.

Should you be in an area that has experienced very heavy snowfall, you should make sure that your roof and home are as free from the snow as possible. Using a long rake or shovel will help, as you don't want to risk your roof caving in under the extreme amount of weight that the snow and ice can create.

If you experience any issues with your home this winter, be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional from John C. Flood as soon as possible!